Meet "The Energise To Optimise Speaker,"

Caroline Peyton

Caroline Peyton, known as “The Energize to Optimize Speaker,” is a dynamic force in the world of nutrition and workplace wellness. With a two-decade tenure in the corporate sector, including 17 impactful years at BT managing teams and hefty budgets, Caroline had an epiphany in 2004 that propelled her into the realm of nutrition. Post her corporate departure in 2008, she’s been actively practicing since 2010, revolutionizing workplace productivity and performance through nutritional strategies. Caroline also boasts significant roles in the nutrition world, having been a founding member and chair of the Naturopathic Nutrition Association and an accreditor for the General Naturopathic Council.

A Blend of Corporate Insight and Nutritional Wisdom

Unique Experties

Caroline’s expertise is a unique blend of deep-seated knowledge in corporate culture and a comprehensive understanding of nutrition's impact on life and work.

Her Focus

Her focus on naturopathy demonstrates a holistic approach to health - it's more than just diet; it's about lifestyle, managing stress and optimising gut health.

Productivity & Solutions

In her talks, Caroline dives into the core issues hindering staff productivity and offers practical solutions.


She provides her audience with actionable steps, leading to immediate enhancements in energy levels and overall well-being.

So What? The Tangible Benefits of Caroline’s Approach

Why should you care about what Caroline has to say? Her approach is not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about igniting action for a healthier, more productive career. She has been featured in numerous publications, runs a YouTube channel with over 300 videos, and is currently writing a book on Naturopathy. As the host of the “Nutrition Life Stories” podcast, Caroline continues to be a leading voice in nutritional education and advocacy.

Transforming Workplaces Through Nutrition

Booking Caroline means a shift towards a healthier, more resilient workforce. Her strategies are designed to reduce absenteeism, enhance staff vitality, and create a positive ripple effect on mental health and energy beyond the workplace. With Caroline’s guidance, employees are equipped to make informed nutritional choices, directly impacting their performance and your organization’s bottom line.

Caroline, Beyond the Podium

Away from her professional commitments, Caroline is passionate about equestrian sports, often found competing in Eventing with her horse, Rolo. This personal interest in balance and vitality reflects her holistic approach to life and work.

Book Caroline Peyton

Are you an HR director, manager, or part of an event team or founding company looking to reshape your staff’s approach to health and productivity? Connect with Caroline Peyton today for your next event and witness a transformative shift in your organisation.

“Caroline’s presentation to our staff about the Gut Microbiome and its link to our overall health was fascinating. She gave us lots of practical information that we can incorporate into our daily lives and it’s obvious she is very passionate and knowledgable about her subject. We are keen to learn more and will be inviting her back.” 

Lindsay Orton, Wellbeing Development Manager, Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council

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