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“The health and wellbeing of our employees is our priority and Caroline’s session aligned with us and it was a huge success in getting employees involved in understanding their nutritional health in more detail. Caroline was professional and knowledgeable, a true subject expert.”

Jade Newton, HR – Easy Fundraising


Caroline Peyton: The Energise to Optimise Speaker

Fuelling Leaders, Managers and Teams

The demands on today’s leaders and managers have never been greater. 

A lack of well-being can significantly impact both individual and company productivity.

Current research shows productivity and well-being declining across the UK. A trend that has worsened in the last decade.

But there is something you can do to reverse this trend in your company.

You need the right tools to fuel and energise your leaders and managers to perform under pressure.


That’s where  Caroline Peyton comes in.

Why choose Caroline?

“Your clear and confident approach helped explain a very specialist technical and relevant topic, I thought it was exemplary. “

Kevin Young, Chairman, Parkinson’s UK Cirencester branch

Enhancing Performance –  Creating Results

Caroline has been actively practicing nutrition and naturopathy since 2010 following a two-decade tenure in the corporate sector. Her expertise is a unique blend of deep-seated knowledge of corporate culture and a comprehensive understanding of nutrition’s impact on life and work. 

A journey of transformation to success

Caroline threw herself into corporate life after university, but became exhausted, stressed-out and suffered confidence zapping skin conditions with terrible acne that wouldn’t go away. By the time she was approaching forty she had five year old twin girls juggling a part-time pressurised job with trying to be a good mother.

She wishes she knew then what she knows now.

That with the right nutrition you can remain productive and energised and take better care of your health.

Creating resilience

Caroline leverages her extensive experiences to support organisations energise their workforce and optimise performance. She provides insights and tools to show employees:

  • You can manage the everyday pressures of work and life without it overpowering you.
  • You can enhance your mental wellbeing and be more resilient whatever life throws at you.
  • You can thrive in challenging times and perform at your best

“Caroline’s sessions for TT Electronics were fantastic! Feedback from staff was that she was both informative and engaging. The content was not overly complicated yet had sufficient depth and was well articulated, so it reached all levels of understanding in the audience. I personally really appreciated the links between foods and both mood and energy levels that Caroline highlighted. This is really useful in helping us all manage our stress levels and wellbeing.” 

Allie Singer, HR, TT Electronics GMS Europe

5 Talks that transform your workforce performance

1. Fuel Yourself for Optimum Performance - at work- at home

There is so much confusion about what a healthy diet looks like. There are some fundamental principles that everyone should embrace to ensure you remain energised from morning to night and stay mentally alert to perform well at work.

2. Transitioning through the Menopause- a Natural Nutrition lead approach

Awareness of the impact of the menopause is thankfully growing, yet there is less awareness of the impact of how nutrition and lifestyle changes can significantly improve the experience and lesson the severity of symptoms. Learn how to navigate through the menopause on your terms to make this a positive experience.

3. The Wonderful World of your Gut Microbiome- why Your health starts in the gut

This presentation provides a fascinating insight into the hidden world of our gut and its microbiome and why we must take steps to protect this delicate ecosystem for our long-term mental and physical health and wellbeing. It includes practical steps how as individuals you can support your own gut health

4. Building Resilience against Stress - a Nutrition lead approach

Understanding stress, the signs and symptoms, the major causes and providing practical tools and strategies to manage and perform at work and home. The positive impact on resilience and coping mechanisms through food choices and lifestyle measures is a game changer.

5. Understanding the gut-brain connection for better mental health

Brain fog, poor concentration, low mood, inability to think clearly, difficulty making decisions. Is this your team? Don’t be fooled into thinking this does not affect your work force. But it doesn’t have to be this way.  Learn how the right nutrition fuels the brain, sharpens the mind, lifts the mood and provides clarity and vitality.

“I found today’s talk on the menopause really interesting and informative. For me Caroline managed to convey enough of the science to make sense of the reasons why certain types of foods/nutrition are so important for our bodies to work effectively. And how they can combat some of the symptoms of the menopause”.

Leading Financial Services Corporation

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